About us

De Trommel, a unique place that we would like you to enjoy....

We Sander and Marieke de Visser took over De Trommel in 2013 and love to share this special place with other people.

Hospitality is important to us! We hope you feel welcome and can relax and enjoy this fine location. We ourselves value our faith in God. We see Sunday as a weekly day of rest. This means going to church by ourselves, not working and reflecting on this day and enjoying what God gives to us.

More about Sander, Marieke and De Trommel

Sander, active in daily life as a mechanic and administrator of De Trommel a man of the countryside. Raised on a farm, he enjoys the countryside and making sure De Trommel is in perfect condition.

Welcoming people is no stranger to her. In addition to her work as an elementary school teacher, Marieke enjoys surprising people with a bouquet of fresh flowers….