The yard

About the yard of De Trommel and its surroundings.

Vacation stay De Trommeloriginally a farm and now a small-scale vacation resort with seven different vacation homes. Its location on the coast of Zeeland, at the bottom of the dunes and just outside bustling Domburg, makes it a fine place to unwind. With our fine team of cleaners, we go for clean and stylish vacation homes.

In the yard

In the yard of The Drum you can relax on your terrace, or have a chat with one of the other guests. The children live it up on the trampoline or the soccer field. For smaller children, there is a sandbox.

We have some nice animals, such as our Suffolk sheep, German Giants and chickens. The chickens provide fresh eggs, found under the hay cover.

There is also space in the yard to park your car. There is a charging station for your electric car and a charging station for electric bikes.



The Haystack

The hayride is a larger space in the yard that can be used for several people to eat at once. If you have a larger group renting several cottages at once, this is a nice place to meet.

Enjoying the environment

The countryside surrounding De Trommel provides peace, space and nature. With small children, you can walk from De Trommel to the beach in no time. If you want to return to the cottage in between, no problem: in 2 minutes you are back in the yard. For a nice drink, stop by one of the local beach bars. Across the dunes you can walk to Domburg in 20 minutes for some shopping or a bite to eat.